Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum Fitness Requirement: All participants registering for the trek should have minimum fitness, stamina and the ability to sustain harsh environments.
  2. Respect for Nature and Local People: We expect every trekker to be respectful towards Nature, local people/tribals.
  3. Pick up and Drop Points: We have designated pick up and drop points, and it is the responsibility of each participant to make their own arrangements of transport to the desired pick-up point accordingly.
  4. Teamwork Methodology: All our events are built on Teamwork methodology. Our coordinators’ presence in the event is to lead the event, make sure that things are going as per plan, schedule, and safety.
  5. Experience of Trekking: Trekking is a life skill of exploring nature in the natural way which gives you an experience of surviving in nowhere and with nothing. Try to gain the maximum of that experience, test the limits of your physique and mind.
  6. Requirement to Read Terms and Conditions: To keep proper track of participants and keep them updated time to time, we require each participant to read through these points and then register.
  7. Prohibition of Alcohol: Alcohol is strictly prohibited during any kind of Eco Tours Karnataka’s Activities.
  8. Changes in Itinerary: Weather conditions, wildlife movements, permission changes are not in our hand, often we are forced to change the itinerary, distance, or place. But if for some reason beyond our control, if we cancel the event, we offer 100% refund to all the trekkers.
  9. Third-party Transport Agency: We are dependent on third-party transport agencies, and we do not have direct control over the vehicle or vehicle drivers. Issues pertaining to pick up and drop times or the quality of the bus are quite rare. If you are too specific, please contact the support during registering.
  10. Availability of Restrooms: We cannot guarantee the availability of restrooms where we do night camping. But for everybody’s convenience, we try our best to reach a place where people can freshen up.
  11. Responsibility for Cleaning: While utilizing the campsite, all trekkers have to be responsible for cleaning the place (after and before using). Disposing of waste such as plastic, aluminium foil or making a fire using non-degradable material is strictly prohibited. We request every trekker to be conscious of nature and not let his/her convenience disturb the surrounding.
  12. Cancellation Policy: For cancellation of participation, we will pay your refund as per our cancellation policy.
  13. Different Permission Charge for Foreigners: There is a different permission charge for foreigners, and the difference amount should be paid by the participant on the spot.
  14. Loss of Belongings: The Eco Tours Karnataka will not be responsible for any loss of belongings during the trek, transfers, porter or any Logistics.
  15. Damage or Loss of Equipment: In case of damage or loss of any of the Eco Tours Karnataka’s equipment or property, a responsible participant has to bear the cost.
  16. No Consideration: There is no consideration, priorities, but at times, we reward participants with discounted treks for their outstanding leadership/volunteer ship during treks.
  17. Basic Accommodations: All our arrangements are very basic; we do not/cannot provide luxury on such events. Our accommodations are many times: Sleeping bags and Tents, Dormitories, room with no beds, and sometimes just sleeping bags under the glittering sky.