Accommodation and Travel

The type of accommodation provided, whether tents or homestays, depends on the itinerary of the trip. It's important to note that while our stay areas offer essential amenities, we guarantee a comfortable stay.

Yes, we offer separate rooms, dormitories, or tents for men and women.

The meals provided will be nourishing, sufficient, and will include local or traditional dishes.

Alcohol is strictly not permitted during any of our trips.

If you inform us in advance, we can provide separate tents or tents for two for couples, but this may involve additional charges.

We have ample washroom facilities available at our campsites and homestays to cater to our guests' needs.

Yes, you can leave your luggage and baggage in the common rooms at the campsite or in the dormitories/rooms of homestays.

We typically use tempo travellers and mini buses, which are selected based on the size of the group.

Certainly, it's possible for you to reach the campsite by your own means of transportation. However, if you decide to join us on the return journey to Bangalore, the full amount of the trek will need to be paid.

Charging points will be available at the campsites and homestays, so you can charge your digital camera, mobile phone, and other batteries. However, it is advisable to carry a power bank as a backup.


Our payment process for trekking reservations is entirely online based, and you will be required to pay the full amount when booking your travel or trekking slots with us. Once you have selected your preferred trek, you can proceed to the booking section located on the right-hand side of the relevant page. There, you can choose your preferred dates and book your slots. We offer several online payment options, including wallets, debit cards, and net banking, among others.

The availability of slots determines the booking of trips with us. You can always call and enquire about the slots if you’re not sure about the availability.

If you cancel your trek departing from Bangalore, the following cancellation policy will be applied.

Unfortunately, we do not allow cancellation on the date of departure, and we cannot offer an option to use it in the future. Our cancellation policy clearly outlines the terms for cancelling a trek, and any cancellations made within 15 days of the trek start date are not eligible for a refund. We encourage you to carefully consider your travel plans and ensure that you are able to commit to your selected trek before making a booking.

Our trips and travels are subject to a Goods and Services tax of 5%. Additionally, please review the specific inclusions and exclusions of each trek to determine your estimated personal expenses during the trip.

The transfer of tickets is possible provided that the trip does not require any permits or personal document checks beforehand.

Pickup and Dropoff

We typically follow the pickup and drop off locations as specified on our website. In case of any modifications, we will notify you via email and WhatsApp groups.

You can ask for a pick-up point if you need a stop anywhere elsewhere other than the designated pickups on our route.

Certainly, we furnish both the bus particulars and contact information through email and WhatsApp groups.

Safety, Group Size and Sex Ratio

Ensuring safety and security is our topmost priority at all times. Therefore, it is completely safe for women and girls to participate in our treks and travels. Our team of trek leaders always accompanies the group, and our campsites are safeguarded and secure for accommodation.

We hold the belief that menstruation does not hinder a woman from pursuing adventure or travel, and it is entirely normal. Women are capable of trekking during their menstrual cycles.

We believe that age is just a number and that it should not prevent people from exploring and travelling. Children under the age of 12 are advised to be accompanied by an adult.

One fascinating aspect of traveling alone is the opportunity to encounter new individuals from different backgrounds, and by the end of the trip, you are no longer strangers. As a result, we warmly welcome solo travellers to join us on our trips.

We meticulously select our destinations and lodging facilities, conducting thorough research on reviews and customer satisfaction, to ensure the highest level of care, supervision, and safety. Consequently, our homestays and campsites are safe and secure for accommodation.

Except for long weekend escapades, backpacking trips, and 2-day treks, our group size typically consists of 8-35 individuals.

Since all our trips have equal male to female ratio, we’re sure your friend will have company!

Our trek leaders typically possess comprehensive knowledge of the trekking routes and the region. Furthermore, we are accompanied by a local guide on most of our treks.

As the use of plastic is prohibited on most treks, we advise that you bring your own snacks in a small container or box.

Weekend treks do not demand rigorous training and exceptional fitness levels. As long as an individual can walk for extended periods with a moderate number of breaks, it should be adequate.

Safety and First Aid

Regarding medical emergencies, our trek leaders are well-versed in administering first aid. If a fellow trekker experiences a medical emergency, we ensure that they are promptly taken to the nearest hospital. If you require insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You may bring any personal medication, including your regular medication, that you may require during the trek.